Uncertain Futures
+100 Women

Uncertain Futures
+100 Women

Research Team

Collaborative Team Members

The Project is led by Los Angeles artist Suzanne Lacy and Ruth Edson, under the auspices of the Manchester Gallery of Art. It is a multiyear project with many partnerships and collaborators operating in unison on different strands:

· The Participatory Research project, led by Dr. Sarah Campbell and Dr. Elaine Dewhurst, uses social science methodologies and intersectional themes in ageing, law, and social care to produce a publishable report with Advisory Group members.

· The Artistic Producers include filmmaker Mark Thomas and curator Natasha Howes and many other photographers, designers, performance and film producers, who create the individual artworks that represent the activities and goals of the entire project.

· The Advisory Group, comprised of a group of 15 women activists over 50, citizens and workers from across Manchester who represent the voices of women from their diverse communities, use community organizing and media strategies to produce social engagement and advocacy.

The Advisory Group

Akhter Azabany

Manchester resident

Erinma Bell
Sally Casey

Aquarius Tenants and Residents Association

Atiha Chaudry

Greater Manchester Black Asian Minority Ethnic Network)

Rohina Ghafoor

(Manchester Black Minority Ethnic Network)

Marie Greenhalgh
Teodora Ilieva

Manchester resident

Jila Mozoun

Raha – Women’s Voices

Tendayi Madzunzu

(Zimbabwe Women’s Organisation)

Nadia Siddiqui
Circle Steele
Patricia Williams

Manchester resident

Louise Wong

Research Team


Suzanne Lacy


University of Southern California

Ruth Edson

Lead Project Manager

Manchester Art Gallery

Gallery Team

Communities Learning Manager Ruth Edson, Senior Curator Natasha Howes, AV Technician Shamus Dawes, Curator Clare Gannaway


Dr. Sarah Campbell

Senior Lecturer

Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr. Elaine Dewhurst

Senior Lecturer

University of Manchester

Members of the Advisory Group

Marie Greenhalgh, Rohina Ghafoor, Atiha Chaudry, Tendayi Madzunzu

Research Assistants

The project has also been assisted by a number of fantastic Research Assistants including Tanya Elahi, Lila Nicholson, Amanda Wang, Jess Wild, Dr. Robyn Dowlen at Yellow Lens Research


Arts Council England, Art Fund / Evan Cornish Foundation / MICRA—Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing / Economic and Social Research Council, Festival of Social Science


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